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Black Microwaveable 12Oz Plastic Takeout Container - 12Oz - 25 Pack

Black Microwaveable 12Oz Plastic Takeout Container - 12Oz - 25 Pack

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Color: Reusable Black


  • HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC = MICROWAVE AND FREEZER SAFE! Our commercial-grade, recyclable containers won't melt, warp or leak. Use them for serving hot or cold sides, storing dry goods, warming soup and broth, or freezing leftover foods.
  • BPA-FREE CONTAINERS ARE 100% SAFE FOR EVERYONE. These premium trays are made of food-safe, recyclable plastic. Restaurants and delis use our microwave-safe boxes for prepping orders, hot or cold sides, fridge or freezer storage.
  • SUPER-TIGHT LIDS MEAN NO LEAKS AND HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Pros trust our clear, leakproof lids to seal soup, ramen, and sauce inside the black portion containers instead of messing up takeaway orders, delivery bags, or customers' clothes.
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH LONGER. Commercial kitchens controls with a bulk supply of our 12 oz. container and lid sets. These airtight containers keep food fresh for days without spoiling for worry-free meal prep.

Details: Our super-strong plastic food prep boxes stand up to the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher so you can use them again and againRestaurants and delis rely on our prime-quality, reusable containers for hot and cold liquid and food, refrigerator and freezer storage and reheating in microwaves. Durable polypropylene walls won't leak, melt or warp, so you can use the same container multiple times.Get ahead of your lunch or dinner rush - Our stackable cup and cover sets maximize storage space and make healthy food prep easy Prepare and portion soups, sides, and salads with ease. Our black, rectangular containers and lids keep prepped food fresh and save space by stacking on fridge or freezer shelves. They are microwavable to warm up meals and make service fast and efficient. They're great as reusable storage containers for pantry, fridge or freezer. Our 25-count container and lid sets make ordering the perfect amount easy.These ultra-versatile, stackable containers make storage and organization a breezeThe best alternative to expensive storage systems or cheap plastic bags, our disposable deli containers can be used anywhere. They are the perfect size for meals, snacks, arts and crafts supplies, slime, nails, and screws.What's in the Box?A 25-count set of 12 oz. black, plastic microwavable containers and airtight lids, measuring 5.5in. x 4.5in. each. Ideal for restaurant, deli, or at home use

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