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Black Grill Brick - 4" - 4 Pack

Black Grill Brick - 4" - 4 Pack

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  • CHEMICAL FREE TO KEEP YOUR FLAVOR AND FAMILY SAFE. Don't worry about harsh chemical cleaners sitting on your grill grate and getting in your family's food. Our reusable grill bricks are 100% chemical free and safe!
  • THOROUGH CLEANING THAT WON'T SCRATCH YOUR GRILL. Our pumice cleaners won't scratch your treasured grills, griddles, or barbeques. Your pots, pans and grates will still look as good as new, even after a thorough cleaning!
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We offer a No-Nonsense Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our bar-b-que cleaner pumice stones. If at any point you're not 100% happy, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
  • SHAPES AROUND YOUR GRIL FOR PERSONALIZED CLEANING EXPERIENCE. Unlike other griddle cleaners that only get the top layer of burnt on food, our grill bricks wrap around the grates of your grill to clean grease and carbon from all sides.
  • HANDHELD SIZE FOR FAST AND EASY CLEANING. Don't lug around heavy, thick, unwieldy metal scrapers. Our small pumice grill stone is small enough to easily be grasped by any hand and quickly scour away burnt on food.

PartNumber: Pumice Stone

Details: Clean your grill the safe way with our 100% non-toxic grill bricks that conform to grates and get in tight spaces! Our grill bricks are the safest grill cleaning option for your family. Don't worry about getting harsh chemicals or brush bristles on your bbq or in your food! The blocks seems to be big and sturdy, will it clean hard to get to barbecue parts? Our small grill bricks get in the corners and crevices most larger grill scrapers can't reach. Unlike other griddle cleaners that only get the top layer of burnt on food, our grill bricks wear down slowly as they're used, wrapping around the grates of your grill to tackle grease and carbon from all sides. They're the perfect grilling tool for an all-over BBQ clean. Is my pumice cleaning stone reusable? Our grill bricks wear down slowly, so each brick can clean your grill grates several times. To save time and money, make sure to buy a bulk pack! Won't it damage my precious pots, pans and grill tops? Our grill bricks are non-scratch, so you don't have to worry about damaging your kitchenware when cleaning pots, pans, or grill grates. Just pour a little warm water on the grill, apply the flat surface of the cleaning brick to the grill and scrub it to remove grease and residue. After you are done, rinse the surface with water to remove any dust. What's in the box? A pack of 4 (four) black pumice grill bricks. Each brick measures 4 inch x 3.5 inch x 2 Inch Lifetime 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, simply email us, and we will respond within 24 hours to make it right even on the weekends. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Model: Small Black

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