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Beige Sugarcane Nacho Tray - 6.5 In X 7.5 In - 50 Pack

Beige Sugarcane Nacho Tray - 6.5 In X 7.5 In - 50 Pack

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  • LEAK-PROOF DESIGN FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND. These heavy duty, bagasse trays keep greasy, oily food inside and off your clothes. Serve big portions of fries, tacos, chips, sauces and salsas without the worry of spilling the food.
  • HEAT UP YOUR SNACKS IN MICROWAVABLE TRAYS. Our bagasse fiber trays can take heat up to 212 degrees. They are also microwave ready, allowing food to be warmed in these trays with no fear of containers leaking or bending.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. We offer a No-Nonsense Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our 2-compartment, biodegradable nacho trays. If at any point you're not 100% happy, just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY SNACK TRAYS = GUILT FREE ENJOYMENT. You'll feel great using our rectangular trays because they're 100% biodegradable. These natural fiber carriers are made without chlorine bleach and are completely compostable.
  • SUPER-STURDY BIG TRAYS SO YOU CAN PILE ON THE FOOD. Our heavy-duty, pulp-fiber nacho trays hold tons of food. These two-compartment, disposable snack holders are the perfect container for takeout, delivery, party, food trucks and sports events.

PartNumber: Compostable Trays

Details: Delight your customers with our super-strong, grease-proof nacho trays that will hold tons of food and not stain their clothes Keep liquids and grease in one place with our prime-quality, pulp-fiber nacho trays. These two-compartment, disposable snack holders are the perfect service container for takeout, delivery, concessions, food trucks and street carts. Unbeatable durability to hold the heaviest portions of snacks and sides Get rid of cheap paper or styrofoam catering or party supplies and switch to the premium quality of our compostable sugarcane plates. They're made to take on hot sandwiches, flautas, taquitos and salsa, and seafood without leaking. That makes them a solid choice for concessions, events, and fundraisers. Impress your customers by serving delicious food while protecting the environment by using our compostable food trays Our 100% recycled pulp fiber nacho trays are a sustainable business decision your customers will appreciate. Using compostable service accessories instead of plastic or styrofoam shows your customers you care as much about the environment as you do about their convenience. Super versatile = Perfect for food trucks, concession stands, and takeout restaurants A bulk supply of our restaurant-grade large, containers is a great alternative to boats or bowls for cafeterias, food trucks, concession stands, carnivals or festivals. They are also a convenient serving accessory for theaters, concert halls, and outdoor events. What's in the box? A set of 50 rectangular, 2-compartment food trays. Each biodegradable tray measures 7.5 In x 6.5 In x 1.5 In. Lifetime 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, simply email us, and we will respond within 24 hours to make it right even on the weekends. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

Model: Compostable Trays

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